Sagittarius dating cancer

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If the Cancer female finally decides to bring this relationship into the bedroom, it will be a tug of war between his dominant nature and her desire to take the lead.

He is playful and affectionate, which will draw her in at first.

Cancer and Sagittarius, when in a romantic relationship, share so many differences that it can be hard to find something to be grateful for.

Nonetheless, if they surpass them, they can actually work well together, especially in business.

She can match him in conversation, which will bring about an initial attraction.

And her strong intuition will be intriguing to him as well.

This will cause her to retreat into her shell and skulk over his apparent aloof nature.

The Cancer woman Sagittarius man pair will have to continue to work out their relationship outside the bedroom as well.Sagittarius runs on four legs, always keeping up on everything new and out of the norm.While Cancer hold high regard for careful planning and business solving, Sagittarius is ready to use their own surprising luck, wit, and innovative personality to take on risks that Cancer is afraid to get in touch with in the first place.He will appreciate having a place to come back to, but he won’t stay for very long before the urge to go off on the next adventure overtakes him.This will leave her feeling lonely and upset, as she is prone to emotional outbursts.

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